COVID-19 Response

Partner DPO Selection

Bangladesh Disabled Development Trust-BDDT is a non-governmental voluntary organization, has been working in line of its objective for developing the lives of vulnerable people e.g Persons With Disabilities-PWDs in Dhaka and Barguna districts by providing training, generating employment, promoting human rights and good governance, rehabilitation services, educational support, capacity development, Income Generating Activities (IGAs) and emergency response during disasters since 2007. The organization is registered with NGO Affairs Bureau of Bangladesh Government in 2009. Recently, BDDT conducted Covid-19 pandemic relief distribution activities among the people with disabilities of 64 districts in Bangladesh. At present, BDDT has started the rehabilitation work for people with disabilities who lost their small businesses because of Covid-19 through the project named ‚ÄúRehabilitation of people with disabilities severely affected by COVID-19 pandemic through re-launching of their small business‚ÄĚ in 64 districts of Bangladesh. In order to implement the rehabilitation project and to implement the upcoming project in future, BDDT is calling for DPO partnership (Partner DPO Selection). 1 DPO partner will be selected from each 63 districts (except the Barguna District) as a partner DPO with BDDT in Bangladesh.

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